Our Service

A Unique Opportunity to Experience the Very Best of Portugal & Spain

For over 20 years we have been making a difference by striving to provide exceptional Service to our guests.
We are fully committed to make your Bike Tour Experience a memorable and pleasant one.

We offer the right mix for a memorable and unique cycling experience;
Top-quality Bikes, extensive local knowledge, traveling experience and a dedicated team.

Whether you join us on a Tour and Rent a Bike, our mission is to receive you as guests rather than clients
and to say goodbye as to our friends.

Our Guarantee

bikeiberia is committed to provide you with unique biking experiences. Thus, we guarantee the quality of your active vacation.
When you reserve a bikeiberia vacation, we enter into a partnership. We want to support your travel plans and create an extraordinary and carefree trip,
so you can relax and enjoy your ride!


bikeiberia will be delighted to show you the natural diversity of the Iberian Peninsula: Cobblestone streets in whitewashed villages, where life has changed little over the centuries; old roads once traveled by Romans; plantations of cork and olive groves, in hidden and still intact landscapes, breath taking river valleys; rolling hills punctuated with megalithic monuments; medieval fortified towns; ancient castles and much more awaiting you!

Bikes & Equipment

bikeiberia cares about you and your safety. All bikes are chosen keeping in mind the kind of terrain Portugal and Spain have to offer. Our bikes & equipment are of high-class quality according to international standards and thoroughly revised before each guest’s departure. Our full-time mechanics regularly check, clean, lubricate and tune/adjust all bikes so that they are on top of their performance.

To meet your bike riding preferences our bikes are prepared to be adjusted and suit different requests, allowing our guests to get the most out of their touring experience. Because we believe essential equipment for your bike ride shouldn’t have an additional cost, we provide each bike rental or tour, bike helmet(s), toolkit(s) with spare tube, bike pump(s) and key lock(s), FREE of charge.


Our accommodations are chosen for their exceptional quality, for their exclusiveness & great service, for their idyllic location and for their charming interiors. Most hotels all have a special atmosphere. They might tell a story of the past, portray the traditional regional ambience or allow a direct and familiar contact with its neighbours.

Road Riding Tours

Our Road Riding Tours are designed to suit everyone’s riding abilities. Each cyclist has his/her own pace and that pace needs to be respected. Therefore, our cycle tours cover a minimum distance while offering those who seek some extra kilometers the option to extend the tour.

Mountain Biking Tours

Mountain bike groups are never bigger than 1 Guide to 10 participants, for safety reasons, groups will remain together at all times. It may be possible to have 2 groups with different levels of ability, meaning you can choose between more demanding, and a leisurely pace.

On Guided mountain bike tours our group leaders will be happy to help you brush up on your orienteering techniques. Group members may, if they wish, take turns at “navigating” the group.

Guided Tours

No hassles! Share the pleasure of riding among like-minded individuals while you discover the best of Portugal & Spain! Our Guides, who intimately know the region, are an obvious asset to any tour, they are a valuable source of information who will also help you with any problems that might come along! Our support vehicle also plays an important role and will be ready to give you a lift anytime.

Every morning you will be briefed about route options (different distances and sights for you to choose from) and you will decide on the route that you prefer to take. Once you choose, your Tour Leader will handle the appropriate information for the day’s ride. Having options allows us to meet everyone’s biking needs, from performance bikers to photographers.

Self-Guided Tours

A Self-Guided Tour offers you the freedom and flexibility to decide when to go, how far to ride, what to see and where to go! Available at any time of the year with a minimum of 2 Participants, you can now choose from our Casual or Comfort Self Guided Tours!  You will need to follow the route track on our Garmin® GPS, complemented with itinerary details for each day and regional maps of the whole area where you will be riding. It includes accommodation with breakfast, luggage transfer (optional) and information on the best places to stop, visit and dine along the way.

Supported Tours

Our guide should always be at hand in case anyone wants a lift. We make sure that your bike is ready to go, and that your luggage is shuttled ahead each day. You explore the country at your own pace, and there is all the time in the world to stop or to make your own detour. We stay in comfortable hotels, cottages and guesthouses, and suggest the best places for lunch and dinner each day. Our recommended routes are about 50kms (30 miles) a day and there are always longer options for keen cyclists.

Family Tours

It is never too early (or late) to start enjoying the great outdoors. If you want to bring your children (or your parents!) on a guided tour set up for families, we offer tours that might be of interest to you. Some of our tours have been designed with families in mind, usually you will cover less mileage than our traditional routes so you can take more time to visit local attractions. The Alentejo in particular offers a maze of quiet, relatively flat country roads, making the tours perfect for the younger or older traveler.

Tailor Made Tours

We are presenting you a selection of the more appealing tours and itineraries, so you can have an idea of our rates and conditions. Please note that these tours are only some of our range of possibilities: we will be happy to make a program specially suited to you and your groups own wishes and requirements (dates, locations, group size).

Support Vehicle

Our support vehicle, a 4×4 with a trailer for the bikes, has plenty room for baggage and equipment – not to mention tired bikers! When required, it can rendezvous at pre-arranged locations along the route, according to possibilities and needs. When necessary it can meet up with bikers at any point on the route.