Guided Bicycle Tours

The Absolute Hassle-Free Biking Experience. Everything is taken care of for you!

All of our Guided Bike Tours are run on a private-basis, you will be travelling with your group of like-minded friends, your family and of course our Leaders and Guides.

We have opted for Private Guided Tours a while ago and in today’s day and age it makes even more sense.
This allows us to offer more personalised trips and to better meet and exceed guest’s expectations.
For the group is a great way to truly connect to each other and spend quality time together!

This is our most complete option, so you don’t need to worry about anything.
Carefully designed trips, quality bikes, amazing hotels, unique gastronomy, interesting activities and luggage transfer.
The Support vehicle will take care of all the “small” and technical details.

Knowledgeable Tour Leaders and Guides, charming individuals eager to show you the genuine living of Portugal & Spain.

With senses wide open, Pedal your Way and let yourself be stunned!


Portugal & Spain

Camino de Santiago


1 week

1 to 2 weeks


On Road

Off Road

Guided Bike Tours are available for private groups only! No calendar tours!
Looking for a location that not on our catalogue? Not a problem Contact Us and we will make it come to live!