bikeiberia Tours & Rentals Lda, is a fully licensed Tour Company (Empresa de Animacao Turistica)
by the Portuguese Tourism Board (Turismo de Portugal, IP)
and member of Lisbon’s Tourism Bureau (Associacao de Turismo de Lisboa).
bikeiberia, established in 1999, was the first local operator offering quality biking services in Portugal & Spain to an international clientele.
Since then, we have been striving to professionally serve our Guests while often setting the standards.
We would be delighted to provide your requested information and advice but also listen to your suggestions and comments!
You can also email, write, phone or fax us on:
Largo do Corpo Santo, 5
1200-129 Lisboa
Phone/Fax: (+351) 21 347 03 47
Email: info@bikeiberia.com

Working hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:30am (GMT/London Time).

A bicycle is still the most ecological way of transportion.
Slow enough to connect with nature but fast enough to feel you really are traveling every day.
And we guarantee that it’s one of the most exciting ways of traveling also in Portugal and Spain!
Riding a Bicycle is a great and enjoyable way to get around.
Riding in Portugal or Spain is no different than riding back home.
Cobblestones are still quite common at historical parts of towns throughout Portugal and Spain!
They can get very slippery when wet, be gentle and very careful when braking and turning.

Bike lanes are common now throughout Portugal and Spain, especially in urban areas.

Since cycling is becoming increasingly popular, with more locals getting into bikes for leisure, commuting  and exercise,
therefore local drivers tend to become even more conscious and respectful of cyclist’s needs.
As of Jan 1st 2014 Portuguese Highway code offers increased protection and Rights to bicycle users.
Our diverse climate is ideal for cycling it just depends when and/or where you want to go cycling!
We recommend that you do bring some rain gear; however, equally we recommend you bring suntan lotion and a sun hat!
Weather is not easy to predict especially when adding the fact Portugal and Spain make a vast and diverse territory.

We have coastal areas and low altitudes vs. inland areas with medium altitudes and mountain areas.
NW and Northern Iberia have an Atlantic climate, SW and Southern Iberia is mostly Mediterranean, Central Iberia has definitely a Continental climate.

Lower altitudes and Mediterranean climates are usually mild and great destinations for biking throughout the year,
these include e.g. Lisbon area, the Alentejo or the Algarve in Portugal and Andalucia or Valencia in Spain,
being particularly nice in the Spring and Autumn, especially on the coastal areas.
Summer is warm, sunny and quite dry, with very low humidity, especially in Portugal.

Medium altitudes and Continental climates have very high temperature amplitudes,
Winter (late November to early February) is colder and sometimes rainy,
Summers are short (July and August) warmer but dry (with low humidity).

From early March through November all Portugal and most areas in Spain are, no doubt!, pleasant cycling destinations.

If you happen to visit us in our Lisbon Hub Office, on bike pick up, or if starting your tour,
we will be delighted to support your plans by giving you some suggestions on biking in Portugal or Spain.
Due to high demand and time restrictions we can only provide some advice once you have made a formal Reservation with us.

Our Self Guided Tour option offers plenty of flexibility and info for those who prefer it professionally planed.

In order to better meet your needs, please, make sure you are as specific as possible
with information regarding your interests, travel experience, cycling ability and trip objectives.

We have a variety of bikes in our fleet, available in different bicycle frame types and sizes.
When allocating bikes, we will be looking for the correct bike type and size to suit your height,
so you can comfortably ride for many hours and days with us.
A person who is 155 cm tall will not be able to ride the same bike frame size as a person who is 190 cm tal and vice versa,
thus the importance of having your exact height.

If you don’t know all of your party’s heights, when you first contact us, you can let us know at a later time,
bearing in mind that you should inquire and provide everyone’s height, the sooner the better.

Yes, we do provide complimentary use of helmets with all rentals.
All helmets are up to international standards, cleaned and checked for every rental.

For safety and comfort reasons, we advise our Guests to bring their own helmet.

Electric Bikes

An Electric Bike works just like a “regular bike”,
But it’s motor will help out while riding, giving you an extra boost.
Our Giant® E-Bikes are equipped with 80Nm engines, with 250W Lithium-Ion Batteries with 36V 13.8Ah.
The amount of kms that you can do depends on the rider’s weight,
on whether using the maximum assistance the entire time,
on the wind and weight carried on the bike.

We have found that the battery range, depending on the above can go from 40kms up to 80kms.
You should be able to ride all day with a battery charge and recharge it during the night.
If needed you can also charge a bit more during lunch time or on a coffee break!

We do not provide extra batteries, it turns out to be extra weight and will make for the battery in use to run out faster!

If you do not ride on the maximum level of assistance all of the time
And do not ride on higher gears when not needed (sometimes riders tend to use only high gear because of the electric assistance!)
You should be able to cover a lot of ground on a single charge.

General Tours

We advise you to use one of ours, saving you work, time and money instead of bringing your own.
We are proud our bikes are second to none in Portugal and Spain!
They are all up to international quality standards, and well maintained, so you won’t be disappointed!

For Bike Touring you will be using either a Cannondale® front suspension with 27 gears
or a wonderful hybrid Giant® Bikes, Shimano SLX® equipped w/ 30 speeds, quality hydraulic disc brakes, handlebar bag and rear rack.

On Mountain Biking tours you will be riding a front suspension Giant Talon® Shimano XT® 30 speeds,
with Rock Shocks® front suspension forks and powerful hydraulic disc brakes.
An optional full suspension Giant Trance® or Anthem® with 30 gears and hydraulic brakes may also be available.

You will also receive with each bike a quality helmet to use while riding with us
and for every two adult bikes a toolkit, which includes bike tools, spare inner tube and a patch repair kit.

To meet your bike riding preferences our bikes are set to be fully adjustable and suit different requests.
Additionally some bike types will only be available for those taking a Bike Tour with us.

We look for roads that link interesting locations worth visiting for its heritage, landscape, villages, their people and culture.
We have selected safer and quieter roads,
where tarmac is smoother and with the least possible traffic.

Along the way, you will often find the ideal spots for a break and to take some great photos!
Most of the roads we ride are on very good condition,
in some places we will be riding on ancient cobblestoned streets, especially in historic town centers,
or on gravel roads especially when accessing optional local points of interest.

The fact that you are on holidays together does not always mean you have exactly the same interests and tastes.
Our tours are flexible and designed to suit different capabilities and interests among the group.
Your partner may just ride around town, go sightseeing and shopping or just read on a terrace while enjoying the sun and a drink!
It is good to have someone special with you, to share all the unforgettable adventures during your travel here.
We try to balance Physical activity and Learning through Experiences
you will have time with local inhabitants, their ancient traditions and cultural values, traditional architecture, wild life,
and a meaningful approach to the Iberian lifestyle.

We believe that biking is a great way to discover a region, and there are always options to please everyone,
both those who really want to exercise and those who prefer a more leisure approach,
at any moment you can take a lift on our support vehicle (available for Guided Tours).

If you are physically active and use to riding a bike 2/3 times a week, you should be quite fit!
Anyways, do not let the possible level of difficulty on a tour stop you from traveling and discovering the region you want!

Distances are always subjective.
The same distance Mountain Biking requires more energy, time and fitness than road Cycle Touring. In the Iberia it is rare when climbs are too long or steep.

A normal day will include 4 to 6 hours biking. Those who are faster may take less time.
There will be plenty of time to be among locals, sightseeing, shopping, and to have a Bica (tasty espresso coffee) or Imperial (glass of beer) on a terrace!

On Week Long Guided Tours and Self-Guided Tours, our prices and rates are based on two sharing a room either twin or double beds.
Some participants are traveling alone on our tours, they will be charged a Singles Supplement only if they wish not to share a room.
We will make our best effort, but due to small capacity in inns, we may not be able to always meet this request.
For more details on singles supplement please inquire with us for the tour you are interested in.
Yes. If you have a small group all reserving at the same time,
we will offer you a discount and we may be able to offer special conditions and schedules,
to meet exclusively your group requirements, up to a Private Trip if required.
Please contact us for more information.
This is our way of supporting families of 4 or more.
If the children share a room as two full-paying guests, they will receive a 20% adventure discount, if they are over three years old,
or a 50% adventure discount, if they are three years old or under.
When you reserve a tour with us you will receive detailed information about your reserved tour and how to proceed for Tour Confirmation.
When you Confirm your reservation you will receive a Confirmation Pack, which will help you better organize and plan your trip.
In both cases, and at any moment, we are here to answer your questions and doubts by e-mail or over the phone.

Upon arrival you will be given a bikeiberia Welcome Brochure/Road Book with historical and geographical notes,
detailed daily itinerary information and our suggestions for the great stay we want you to have while living unforgettable experiences in the Iberia!

Popular dates, locations and tours sell out well in advance!
Don’t be disappointed! Reduce stress! Don’t waste time haggling with the hotel concierge.
Lock in your price! Currency dips & price hikes won’t affect you.
Save vacation time! Plan & book now, not when you get there.
Balance your vacation budget! Charge tours on this month’s credit card bill.

Ensure you experience the best of Portugal & Spain with native professionals.

The sooner you reserve, the earlier we can confirm a place for you on our tours.
Most participants will reserve 3 to 6 months in advance.
For participants reserving later, when possible we will still try to accommodate and confirm late reservations.

Guided Tours

In order to maximize your understanding of the local culture and better encounter the hidden secrets of the Iberia,
we recommend that you sign up for one of our guided tours.
A Private Tour is often a good option for small parties looking for a personalized experience.

You will be sharing the pleasure of riding among others on a safe activity with a guide and support vehicle!
Every morning you will be briefed about route options (different distances and sights for you to choose from) and you will decide on the route that you prefer to take.
We usually meet everyone’s needs, from performance bikers to photographers.

On a Guided Tour, everything will be taken care for you, allowing you to just relax and enjoy the ride!

Touring road cycling Guided tours will normally be of 6 to 12 participants.
Mountain Biking tours will normally be of 6 to 10 participants.
On Private Tours the number of participants will be determined by the group needs.
Participants usually know biking is great way to move around, especially for those who love to travel, explore and discover,
while living memorable life experiences!
There are often some expert participants and beginners being introduced to the activity, most of them are cyclist travelers in between these two small groups.
They may be single or married, young but mature people or lively souls!
The people who travel with us are usually between the ages of 25 to 60.
Our Tour Leaders are broad experienced and English fluent,
able to perfectly understand and accommodate cultural differences.
Guides, Assistant Guides and staff tend to be Iberians, who know the region very well, the routes and the places you will be visiting.
While scouting routes and preparing tours we establish good relationships with the local inhabitants,
being able to then show you what is worth seeing in a natural and interesting way.
Due to experience, knowledge and sensitiveness of our Instructors-Guides,
you can count with their efforts in finding pleasant solutions for your special moments or specific interests.
Bikeiberia selects its accommodations to provide you comfort and relaxation at the end of a cycling day.
You can count on your accommodation to be clean, comfortable and all rooms will have private bathrooms.
All inns are recognized and classified by the National Tourism Board.
Where available, you may stay at Historical Buildings with the finest Hospitality, often genuine convents & castles, Memorable!
In country areas we tend to stay at AgriTurismo cozy and charming cottages or Manor Houses.
No! Your luggage is carried in the support van to your next accommodation.
All you need for the day is your camera, book, glasses, sunscreen, and other small items you might want to take with you,
which can be go on the bike handlebar bag.
When you arrive to your accommodation you will have your luggage there.
Normally a Continental breakfast, including some local food, will be served in the hotel we are staying.
In some places we will have to organize and prepare it ourselves. A great chance to cook something you miss from home?
For lunch we will have a picnic when possible, based on local products and gastronomy of the area you are visiting, with quality cheese and wine, being a great opportunity to spend relaxing moments in wonderful country locations, without wasting precious daylight hours.
For dinner we look for traditional restaurants and some of the renowned Tascas, for its food preparation, quality and atmosphere.
We will give you the chance to try different dishes from the rich and varied local Mediterranean gastronomy.
When required and possible we will order a vegetarian meal or other special diet to meet your requests.
In the Hotel Reception there will be information about scheduling.
The day will start with a briefing presenting the day’s route and options, while calling your attention to details of the heritage, landscape and curiosities.
Tour Leader will join to ride among participants.

Mountain biking participants will depart all together with the Tour Leader ready to give indications of the trails to follow, instruct you on new skills, while discovering the region with you.

In both cases our support vehicle will meet the group at some locations to supply cool drinks and snacks, so we can ride with a smile, and prepare wonderful picnics in the most incredible places!

On our tours we may include bike and helmet, plus accommodation, meals, transfers, our service with native guides, entrances for monuments and shows, and more.
For more information please check the details of the individual tour you’re interested in.
Yes. If our tour departure town has a major airport we will transfer you to your accommodation,
or we will arrange a group departure time for a shuttle to our First Night Hotel.
On the morning following our Farewell Dinner we will transfer you to the appointed airport.

Self-Guided Tours

Self Guided Tours were designed with the independent travellers in mind,
allowing them to have a more flexible schedule time wise.
On a Self Guided Tour, you will have your accommodations arranged.
A GPS unit with maps and tracks loaded will be provided,
as well as some additional and filtered travel resources.
Self Guided Tours are divided into Casual and Comfort,
differing not only in costs but also on the type of accommodation, type of bicycle and services included.
Both Tour options follow the same itineraries and daily mileage.
Comfort Self-Guided Tours, include higher standards Hotels, daily luggage transfers and additional activities, visits,
and are recommended for those willing to venture on their own, while valuing comfort and their independence.
Casual Self-Guided Tours are ideal for the budget minded traveler and independent soul.
Please visit Tour pages for additional info.
bikeiberia carefully selects accommodations to provide you comfort and relaxation at the end of a cycling day.
You can count on your accommodation to be clean, comfortable and all rooms will have private bathrooms.
On a Self Guided Tour you have decided ahead for either Casual or Comfort option.
All inns are recognized and classified by the National Tourism Board.
Where available you may stay at Historical Buildings with the finest Hospitality, often genuine convents & castles, Memorable!
In country areas we tend to stay at AgriTurismo cozy and charming cottages or Manor Houses.
No, if you have chosen to go with Comfort option,
your luggage will be shuttled ahead between accommodations and will be there before you arrive to your destination.
In case you have opted for the Casual Self Guided Tour, you will be assigned a set of Ortlieb bike panniers in which you can carry your own luggage with you.
You will need to find your way and navigate your route.
Bearing in mind this is mostly in quiet and rural areas,
these days with the use of GPS devices is much easier and straight forward,
you will receive a GPS unit with uploaded tour tracks and maps, as well as paper maps.
This is the first question you should ask yourself!

Are you used to cycling regularly? Experienced at it?
Can you plan a route, solve common issues like lubing a chain, fixing a flat tire and pump tires?
It is important you understand you will be on your own,
and you should be able not only to pedal and navigate your way,
but also capable of tackling possible issues so you can successfully complete your journey!

To keep our service personalized and a quality experience,
it is advisable to book your bike & equipment ahead, guaranteeing you will have it available for the dates you have chosen.
Usually April through October are always busy months and so it is advisable to book several weeks in advance in order to avoid disappointments.
When possible, we will do our best to accommodate late bookings. Please allow at least 7 business day prior to bike rental start.
Since 2001 our bike delivery service is a very convenient service available for our Guests.

It allows you the flexibility of starting and finishing your bike trip where you want within continental Portugal or Spain.
The bike delivery service is very flexible, fees correspond to the area where your bike will be needed,
therefore service fees won’t change if you decide to start in one town and then change it to another location.

This is your decision. Total flexibility for your cycling plans here!

You will need to inform your selected Hotels about bike’s delivery and collection on your behalf.
When booking your Hotels, make sure they can actually receive your allocated bicycles from the carrier company,
and safely keep these bikes indoors for you, and the same on departure.

Your chosen accommodation needs to have a staffed Front Desk open on normal business hours, weekdays (8am – 8pm).

If you Start/Finish in Lisbon, you can collect Bikes directly in our Lisbon Hub Office during normal working hours.

For other locations throughout Portugal and Spain,
if you are not staying in an Hotel you can collect/drop Bikes at our Carrier Company Depots (if available in the towns where you hope to start/finish biking),
still we cannot be made liable for their opening/closing times, nor for unexpected closings.

No. It is required that you stay at an Accommodation with a staffed Front Desk
open during normal business hours, weekdays (8am – 8pm).
Please, no private houses or Villas (e.g. Airbnb).
Choosing the correct bike type for your bike tour is essential for a successful biking adventure.
Please have in mind your previous cycling experience and the type of bike(s) you have ridden before.
Why would you go off-road here, when you have never done so before?

We have a variety of bike types available,
you should choose what best suits your plans/needs.

Touring Bikes are designed for riding on paved roads
and for safety and comfort reasons they can only be used On-Road.
We offer a wide range of these bikes, some are lighter, some are more comfortable and others for sport and faster.
The Touring Bikes are definitely not suitable for off-road riding (e.g. Camino de Santiago pilgrims trail).

Mountain Bikes have a very specific geometry (including a lower center of gravity) and threaded tires, they are designed for trail riding.
This is the most suitable bike for the rugged terrain of the Camino pilgrims trail and will allow you to ride safely and comfortably on the Pilgrims’ Path.

Yes! Bikes are available in different sizes, ranging from extra-small to extra-large (for most bike types).
We also have Gents, Ladies and Step Through frames, as well as Children Bikes.

Please check each bike’s page for more info on sizes available for each type.

We have no hidden fees nor will we charge for common accessories required to successfully complete your journey.
Instead and because we truly believe some accessories and equipment are essential for a successful cycling tour
and should not cost you extra money, our bike rental fees include:
Complimentary use of Helmet, Handlebar Bag, a water bottle (for rentals of 3 or more days and yours to keep).

When renting 1 bike only, or for every 2 bikes, we will additionally provide complimentary use of:
a ToolKit with a spare tube, a Set of Allen Keys, Patches, Glue and Tire Levers;
a Twin Head bike pump and an adequately safe key lock.

Yes, of course!
Each and every bike is always thoroughly maintained and checked by our full-time mechanics
before each and every multi day rental and then test ridden by senior staff members,
so that when they come to your hands they are in exceptional working condition
and ready to perform with you.

Upon receiving the Bike, please make sure to check and test ride the bike,
and do let us know of any possible faults/damages.

Yes, with any bike just like at home!

When renting Bikes, Guests are expected to be able to perform small repairs
like repairing a flat tire or changing a tube,
and keeping bikes clean and chain lubed to guarantee bike’s smooth functioning.
This is especially important under muddy, or just wet, riding conditions and for longer rental periods.
Upon booking, you will also receive some tips on using a bike and basic maintenance.

Yes, no problem.
Regarding the Bike collection at your ending point
you can let us know once you know your new location details or if you finish earlier than expected.
You will just need to let us know ASAP in written form by sending us an email or phone text / WhatsApp message with complete details on location!
bikeiberia will not share your personal information, which includes your e-mail, name, home address and telephone number with other companies or organizations,
except with the ones indispensable to process your order and payment (e.g. Visa and MasterCard).
Our Waiver Form must be signed by every participant,
regardless if joining a Guided or Self-Guided Bike Tour, or just a Bicycle Rental.
The Waiver form should then be sent to us before the start of your trip, in order for your Reservation to be accepted.
Once we have received your Registration Form and confirmed your booking availability,
we will charge your Credit Card as agreed for the Bike Tour Deposit or Bike Rental Deposit.
The security code is a security feature for credit cards, it is used to verify that the customer is the true card holder and it is required to process payments.
All VISA / MASTERCARD credit cards feature an additional three-digit number that appears after the card number on the back of the card. These numbers appear on the credit card and are stored in the credit card company’s database.
Yes. Our prices are always displayed in Euros and already include all taxes and fees.
There are no other fees or taxes to be charged.
Invoices for orders will be created only after payment has been received.
If you pay by credit card or have the amount charged to your account (electronic debit or online bank transfer), we will issue an invoice for your order.
For orders paid for by bank transfer, check or cash, you will first receive an order confirmation, and your invoice will be sent to you after payment has been received.
In any case, we will e-mail your invoice or order confirmation.
Upon receiving your Registration Form and confirming availability,
We shall charge the provided Credit Card for a Deposit fee per person or bike, this is deductible from the full amount.

The Amount Due, shall be charged up to 2 months (60days) prior to Bike Tour/Rental Start.
For bookings received less than 2 months (60days) prior to Bike Tour/Rental Start,
the full amount for our services shall be charged immediately.
Payment Receipt acts as a final confirmation for our Services.

For cancellations received in written form up to 61 days before the Tour or Rental we will keep the Deposit.
Refunds on total price paid will be of 40% for Cancellations received within 60 to 30 days before Tour/Rental Start.
No refunds will take place,
for Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to bike Tour/Rental starts,
or shall you finish earlier for unused rental days.