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Terms & Conditions

bikeiberia and Lisbon Hub are operated by bikeiberia Tours Lda, based in Lisbon,
Portugal and a licensed Member of the Portuguese Tourism Board with License no 69/2009.

Bicycles and Equipment Standards
Our bikes are all up to international quality standards, and well maintained. On our fleet we have top of the range bikes from Giant® and Cannondale® equipped with quality and higher end Shimano®, Sram®, Magura®, Schwalbe®, Continental® and other reputable makers.

To meet our Guest’s bike riding preferences our bikes are prepared to be adjusted and suit different requests with extra accessories often at no extra costs like bar bag, toolkit, pump, bottle cages, bell and seat-post quick release, so that you can easily adjust seat height.

We do not allow Bikes to be transported in Car Racks.

Bicycle Tours & Rentals
For comfort and safety regulations participants should wear an Helmet, up to international standards of safety, at all times when riding a bike.
On advance request bikeiberia may supply you an Helmet at no cost.
Bicycles provided for tours and rentals are in satisfactory operating conditions and participants agree to use them at their own risk and to call deficiencies to the immediate attention of bikeiberia.

Damage & Theft
On a bikeiberia Bike Tour or Bike Rental a participant is liable for using the bike, for any damages other than the normal wear & tear, and in case of theft.
bikeiberia entrusts its bikes and equipment to Guests. It is Guest’s responsibility to return our bikes & gear in the same conditions as upon Bike Tour / Rental start.
Ultimately, regardless of the party at fault, Guests understand and agree to be liable and cover for the theft or damage, other than the accepted normal wear and tear, of bike(s) and equipment.

Choosing the correct Bike Type
Choosing the correct bike type for your bike tour is essential for a successful biking adventure.
Touring Bikes are designed for riding on paved roads and for safety and comfort reasons they can only be used strictly On-Road.
The Touring Bikes are definitely not suitable for off-road riding (e.g. Camino de Santiago pilgrims trail).

Mountain Bikes have a very specific geometry (including a lower center of gravity) and threaded tires, they are designed for trail. This is the most suitable bike for the rugged terrain of the Camino pilgrims trail and will allow you to ride safely and comfortably on any off-road adventures.

Misuse of bikes may lead to additional charges, e.g. using Touring Bikes on unpaved trails / off-road paths.

Rental Bike Delivery and Collection
Guests must stay at an Accommodation with a Front Desk open during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, please no private houses eg. Airbnb.

It is Guest’s responsibility to inform, and gain permission, in written form, from their selected Hotels about Rental Bike’s delivery and collection.
Guests must guarantee their selected hotels can receive bikes on their behalf from the carrier company (ahead of their arrival), and keep the bikes safely stored indoors for you. Same procedure will apply on departure (after Guest’s departure).

Please make sure Bikes are reserved under the same name as the hotels, or inform us if using a different name ASAP.

bikeiberia cannot be made liable for any delays on bike’s arrival due to unforeseen circumstances or if Hotels refuse to receive the bikes from the Carrier Company and/or are closed upon bike’s delivery.
Additional charges may apply in these cases.

Please no private houses e.g. Airbnb
bikeiberia will not deliver or collect bikes at private addresses.
If on the first and last nights of your cycling tour, you are not staying at an Hotel you may collect or drop bikes at the Carrier Company Depots (if available in the towns where you hope to start/finish biking), still bikeiberia will not be liable for their opening/closing times, nor for unexpected closings.

Bikes Maintenance and Responsibility
Each and every bike is always thoroughly maintained and checked by our full-time mechanics
before each and every multi day rental and then test ridden by senior staff members,
so that when they get to your hands they are in exceptional working condition
and ready to perform with you.

When renting Bikes, Guests are expected to navigate their selected routes and be able to perform small bicycle repairs like inflate tires, changing a tube or repairing a puncture, keeping bikes clean and lubricated to guarantee bike’s good functioning and safety.
If unsure of what to do Guests are advised to seek advice and local professional support at their own expense.

Upon receiving the Bike, please make sure to carefully check and test ride the bike,
and to let us know immediately of any possible faults.
When renting bikes only, any needed maintenance during the Bike Rental period will be at Guests expense.
We can not be made liable for any repairs, maintenance or components replacement during the bike rental period.

bikeiberia is not liable for any of the following faults that might happen during bike rental period: broken chains, broken derailleurs / dropouts, broken spokes, broken racks or bottle cages, flat tires, gear & brakes adjustments, cleaning & lubricating bicycles.
If any assistance is required during your bike rental period, please contact us on +351 96 96 303 69 or by email, so we can support you and find a suitable solution.

When renting Bikes, Guests should be able to perform safety checks, do small repairs like changing a tube, keeping the bikes clean, lubricated and in general good functioning.

It is Guest’s responsibility to guarantee Bikes are safely stored indoors during the night.

Bikes and Accessories Return
We appreciate if you leave our bikes clean by using a wet cloth (no hosing with water please) to remove major dirt / mud from frames, wheels and bags.
Bikes shall remain safely stored indoors inside your hotel ready for pick-up.
All accessories must be packed into a cardboard box to prevent possible losses.
Failure to return bikes and/or accessories accordingly might lead to additional charges.

Start to End Luggage Transfer
The luggage transfer services are valid for the transportation of 1 bag with up to 15kgs.
Bag to be transported cannot be bigger than 30 Liters.
We do not provide transportation for Bike Bags / Cases.

For reasons beyond our control Luggage gets lost,
bikeiberia will be liable for a maximum of the service cost charged to Guests,
Which corresponds to a total of 40EUR per bag.

Lisbon Hub Luggage Storage
5 EUR per day, from 1h to overnight per smaller luggage piece (under 30 Liters),
6 EUR per day, from 1h to overnight per medium luggage piece (31 to 60 Liters,
7 EUR per day, from 1h to overnight per larger luggage piece (over 61 Liters).
We do not provide luggage storage for Bike Bags / Cases.

Travel Arrangements
Our Bike Tours begin and end near major airports and railway stations for easy access. Shall you need to be supported, please contact us before finalising your travel arrangements for information on meeting points and schedules for arrivals/departures.

Each tour price is per person, based on double bedroom occupancy. In some locations with very limited options, participants may occupy larger rooms/suites/apartments for more than two persons. Participants signing up individually, when possible, will be assigned roommates of the same gender. On most tours there are limited number of single-occupancy rooms available, for those paying the Singles Supplement. Please check with us for availability and rates.

Singles Supplement
Will only be charged for those requiring single-occupancy rooms or when signing up alone for a Guided or Self Guided Tour.

Prices are presented in Euros (€). Prices are guaranteed independently of exchange rates variations. Our prices include only what is listed on Included and do not include airfares.

Reservations and Deposit
To provide a quality, personalised travel experience we prefer to limit the number of participants on our Tours.. We recommend you reserve early to avoid disappointment. To reserve a tour of 7 or more days, a filled in Registration Form must be submitted to bikeiberia.  A deposit of €350 will be required for confirmation, we accept major credit cards.

Confirmation and Payment
Upon receiving your Registration Form and confirming availability,
We shall charge the provided Credit Card for a Deposit fee* per person or per bike, this is deductible from the full amount.

The Balance Due, shall be charged up to 60 days prior to Bike Tour or Rental Start.
For bookings received less than 60 days prior to Bike Tour or Rental Start,
full amount for our services is immediately required and will be charged accordingly.
Payment Receipt acts as the final confirmation for our Services.

* Bike Tours: 350EUR pp / Bike Rental 25EUR per bike.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
For cancellations received in written form up to 61 days before the Tour or Rental bikeiberia will keep the Deposit.
Refunds will be of 40% for Cancellations received within 60 to 30 days before Tour or Rental Begins.

No refunds will take place,
for Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to bike Tour or Rental starts,
or, shall you finish earlier, for unused rental days.

Cancellations must be made in writing; the date received in bikeiberia office applies for the Refund Policies.
No refunds are possible after the Tour / Rental begins.

bikeiberia reserves the right to refuse participation prior to or during a trip to any individual whose behaviour and/or attitude interfere with general enjoyment and well-being of other tour members and if anyone, participant or bikeiberia staff, is endangered by this individual. In case any of the above mentioned happens, bikeiberia will not be liable to refund or pay any compensations. In any case bikeiberia is not liable to refund for unused services.

bikeiberia reserves the right to change itineraries or tour arrangements if necessary or by what is known as force majeure.

bikeiberia reserves the right to cancel a Bike Rental prior to pick up for any reason, in which case a refund will be made if cancellation occurs 60 days or more prior to the scheduled pickup date of the rental. If we are forced to cancel a rental, we will not be liable for any payments or compensations of any kind.

In the case of a Tour / Rental Cancellation by bikeiberia, e.g. due to minimum number of participants, minimum registered participants number not met, you will be refunded in total amounts paid to bikeiberia which is not liable for any payments or compensations due to additional expenses such as non-refundable Advance Purchase airline tickets.

bikeiberia is fully insured according to the law for its activity, Third party liability, Work accidents for staff, and car passengers on our vehicles.

All participants on tours with bikeiberia will be insured for Personal accidents of €20.000 in case of Death or Permanent Disability and €3.500 towards medical expenses and repatriation.

We recommend all participants to ensure their Personal Travel Insurance has adequate coverage for taking part in a Bicycling Adventure, Cancellation and Refund, Luggage, Medical Expenses and Repatriation, Death and Permanent Disability.

Image Use
bikeiberia reserves the right to use without charges any photographs or images of any kind from participants for bona fide promoting and marketing purposes.

This Terms and Conditions may only be waived by a Director of bikeiberia in writing. When you submit a filled in Registration Form you agree to accept all these conditions, and when we accept your reservation we agree to carry out our obligations to you as defined in this document and other information provided to you.

bikeiberia is under the law of European Union and in case of any legal dispute the Portuguese Courts are competent.

Unforeseeable Circumstances
For participation in a bikeiberia Tour or Rental you must accept the normal flexibility of an Adventure Outdoor activity and acknowledge that bicycling and mountain biking involve risk, dangers and hazards and that injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence of these activities. These risk, dangers and hazards include but are not limited to: mechanical failure of the equipment, changing weather conditions, variations or steepness of terrain and/or surface, negligence of third parties, etc which may cause delays and alterations and their results are possible, which we can not be made liable for.
In case of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, or failure of third party suppliers bikeiberia can only be made liable for the value of the service payed by guests. Any other guest expenses will not be covered.

Travel & Coronavirus Info

Updated March the 17th 2020

The spread of COVID-19 is, unfortunately, currently a part in everyone’s horizon,
Whether you are planning your upcoming trip, you have already booked or
You are about to start your trip.

We understand the impact of this situation and how it can affect our lives.

Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our Guests, Staff Members and of those around.

We are closely monitoring this situation and following the advice of competent authorities,
including European Union, Portuguese and Spanish Authorities
As well as World Health Organization.

Until further notice our operations will continue as usual.

Considering the above we are introducing special policies to complement our existing Terms & Conditions.
Regarding Cancellation for services booked until the 10th of March 2020,
And in accordance our with our Terms & Conditions;

Guests who have reserved and paid only a Reservation Deposit (which is non-refundable):
Guests will be issued a credit for the Deposit Paid,
Which can be used for the next 24 months (starting from previously booked date),
For the same booking conditions and quote provided (keeping the original total amount as a minimum spend).

Guests who have already Paid the Full Amount of our Services and cancel 60 to 30 days prior to booked date:
Guests will be issued a Credit for the Full Amount Paid,
Which can be used for the next 24 months (starting from already booked date),
For the same booking conditions and quote provided (keeping the original total amount as a minimum spend).

As of March 17th, 2020, Balance Due, shall be charged up to 30 days (instead of the usual 60 days) prior to Bike Tour or Bike Rental Start. This policy does not apply to payments charged prior to this date.

All booking rescheduling will be subject to availability.

No credits will be issued,
for Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to booked start date.
As of March 17th, 2020, if you have already paid the Amount Due, please contact us ASAP.

The above conditions apply to bookings made and payments received until March 09th, 2020.

Dealing with the current situation has been quite challenging for all, besides our usual safety procedures, we are adapting and introducing new practices per recommendation of authorities to globally reduce the risk of illness.

We advise all Guests with upcoming travel plans to follow updates closely and to follow all advices from competent authorities.
Please understand and have in mind this situation is changing constantly therefore we reserve the right to change these policies without prior notice.

Shall you have any further questions, regarding your booking or upcoming travel plans,
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope to welcome you soon,
In the meanwhile, stay safe and keep riding!