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Renting Bikes with bikeiberia

At bikeiberia, since 1999,
we don't just rent you bicycle, we provide you with a service.

We think it is important for you to know the right people are here who really know the area you're trying to discover. We are ready to support you and your travel plans, both in person or just with a simple phone call.

In the unlikely event that you require urgent attention, we will be on the way or overnight any items anywhere within Portugal and Spain, supporting you and your cycle touring trip. This is part of our excellent service agreement.

Good Reasons for Renting a Bike

  • Enjoy the independence a bicycle gives
  • Enjoy the absence of hills (well, almost)
  • Enjoy quiet streets and roads, and some of the new bike paths
  • Enjoy nature at first-hand
  • Go at your pace - stop when & where you want!
  • Avoid having your expensive bike damaged or delayed in travel

Coming on a tour with us? Why hassle with lugging your bike -- Rent one!
For those who do not want to be bothered/risk bringing their own bicycles and gear by plane, we have created special bike rental - touring packages including: chosen bicycle w/ helmet use, front bag, rear panniers, toolkit, bike pump, spare inner tube and luggage storage service.

Stay cool, rent a bikeiberia bicycle - its the only way to get around !!

Many Different Options
When renting a bike from bikeiberia you have many different options

  • Rent one for your tour
  • Rent a bike in directly in Lisbon for a day or more
  • Have a bike delievered to you anywhere in Spain or Portugal

Shayne and Anita already did it.
Explore the links at the left for more details.

Quality bikes, personal support service and multiple options.
bikeiberia provides you with it All!
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