Renting in Lisbon
Renting Anywhere in Iberia


Bike Rental . A n y w h e r e . in Iberia

Your bike will be delivered and collected anywhere in Portugal or Spain!

Back in 2002 we innovated by being the FIRST company to ever offer such
Service and flexibility to cyclists throughout Portugal and Spain.

With over 15 years in business of course others have tried to copy us, they come and go,
none was able to perfect the system to the point where we are now, able to offer you the Bike Rental Service that is second to none and also the best value for the price.

We do set Standards and we would never charge you for the use of
Helmet, Bottle Cage, Rear Rack, Bar Bag, Toolkit, Bike Pump or Key Lock.

Rent the bike you need for your iberian cycle experience with us.
You can have it delivered* anywhere in Portugal/Spain (e.g. to your first hotel)
ready to go at your doorstep in Iberia.
Once you've finished we will collect your bike from your destination (often you last hotel) to be returned to us.
In the meanwhile -at your request- we can forward your suitcase(s) to your final hotel
and have them awaiting you anywhere in Portugal/Spain!

Easy and simple!
You must reserve a bike by filling in our
Bike Reservation Form and follow indicated steps.

Your selected bike will be sent ready to ride (assembled), along with your choice of accessories, to your requested address (e.g. your first night hotel). Once you receive the bike it's only a matter of making necessary adjustments to suit your needs, then you're off on your adventure. We provide instruction on how to make these simple adjustments, and you'll be ready to go in minutes!

When we ship a bike to a customer, we've had it professionally checked, clean, lubricated and tuned/adjusted to our standards. Then it's ridden, re-adjusted and shipped out to your required address.

To allow us to meet the high standards of this service you must reserve your bike and list your distination addresses at least 72 hours (96 hours to Spain) in advance.

24 Emergency Telephone Hotline
bikeiberia is just a phone call away if an emergency occurs at any time while riding in Portugal or Spain; you can count on friendly and English spoken personal service.

Optional Accessories (Euros)

bikeiberia 2013 Rates
2-3 Days
7 Days

Rear Paniers L
(2 x 20 liters, 100% waterproof)


Rear Paniers M
(2 x 15 liters, 100% waterproof)

BOB Trailer NO Waterproof bag
BOB Trailer WITH Waterproof bag

No Hidden Costs, No Additional Charges
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