Why bikeiberia

I started bikeiberia to share with others the unique way in which cycling, both on and off road, opens up for the adventurous traveler the hidden and still intact landscapes, history and culture of remote areas of Portugal and Spain.

Although I grew up like lots of kids loving to ride my bike in the neighborhood streets of Lisbon, it was only at university in Évora, an ancient town set in Portugal's vast Alentejo, that I discovered the fun and potential of biking in Iberia. From the cobblestone streets and the old Roman roads, I ventured further and further into plantations of cork and olive, river valleys lined with slate, rolling hills punctuated with megalithic monuments, medieval fortified towns, ancient castles, and whitewashed villages where life has changed little over the centuries.

I subsequently went to England for three years and cycled there and in over fifteen other countries, on and off-road, in three continents, meeting lots of different people, seeing varied landscapes, and experiencing other histories and cultures. I returned to Portugal with a fresh appreciation for how cycling can help break down cultural barriers, and a new goal: that of helping visitors to the Iberian peninsula experience the fun of cycling - either off-road or on little traveled country roads -- while discovering a landscape and way of life now hidden even from the average urban Portuguese or Spaniard.

We call our company bikeiberia because we want to show you some of the diversity of this vast region of plains, rivers, seas, and mountains. Our on and off-road routes criss-cross the Portuguese and Spanish borders, often following old smugglers' trails. Don't worry, though; in the European Union, it's perfectly legal, and there are no border formalities! And you will meet the people of the region, proud of their local identities, their hearty, delicious foods and wines, and their way of life, remarkably unchanging over the years.

bikeiberia promises you a unique experience, developing your cycling abilities in a safe environment, enjoying quality accommodations and service in remote and little-known areas, and discovering magnificent locations in Iberia.


Jorge Didier Mimoso
bikeiberia Director


Our Service
If you would like to discover what, one of the better-conserved regions of Iberian Peninsula and Europe has to offer, you should consider joining us in one of our tours. We are prepared to bring you the opportunity to experience the best that Portugal and Spain have to offer. Some of our tours will include invaluable experiences for you such as visiting workshops where cheese, wine, sausages or olive oil are still being produced on a traditional way. We are fully bilingual.

Our programs are for both Cycle Touring (guided or self-guided) and Mountain Biking (guided only). Tours last from 1 to 15 days, with or without 4x4 and trailer back up. Both options are based on our own specially selected routes through beautiful, unspoiled landscapes of Iberian Peninsula.

We also hire, at competitive rates, hybrid and mountain bikes (helmets included). All hire deals include helmets and equipment such as racks, panniers, handlebar bags, child seats, etc.

All Guide-instructors have certificates in first aid and carry first-aid kits. Their knowledge, experience and training are an invaluable help for the minor hitches that inevitably occur during a day's riding.

Our Guide-Instructors are Portuguese/Spanish-born and fluent in English. They all possess extensive knowledge of the culture and customs, local history, geography, wine and food of various areas in Portugal and Spain. Shall you want and they are willing to share this knowledge with you.

All bikes are hired with helmets. For every two adult bikes a toolkit with pump, spare inner tube, a set of Allen keys and patch kit is also provided. When required, and where possible, we can adjust bikes to match the requirements of individual riders, to allow them to get the most, out of their touring experience.

At present we have hybrid bikes for road touring made by GIANT (front suspension, SLX 30 speed with hydraulic disc brakes) and Cannondale (front suspension with 27 speed).
For mountain biking we use Giant bikes either front suspension or full suspension, XT/SLX 30 speed with hydraulic disc brakes.
For sports road cycling we offer Giant carbon frame bicycles fully Ultegra equipped.
These are quality bikes of different sizes and all are Shimano and or SRAM equipped.

Road Riding Tours
Cycle tours cover a minimum distance (which is indicated in each tour itinerary), but for those wishing to go for some extra kilometers they can always opt for an extended tour. Each biker has his/her own pace, and this pace needs to be respected. We think we have found a solution to the problem of matching abilities speeds and interests.

Guided Tours
No hassles! Share the pleasure of riding among others on a safe activity with a guide and support vehicle! Every morning you will be briefed about route options (different distances and sights for you to choose from) and you will decide on the route that you prefer to take. Once you choose, your Tour Leader will give you the appropriate road-book for the day's ride. Doing this, we can satisfy everyone's needs, from performance bikers to photographers.

Self-Guided Tours
Total freedom and flexibility to decide when to go, how far to ride, what to see and where to go! Available at any time in the year with the minimum of 2 Participants - bike equipped w/ rear rack BUT it includes luggage transfer to each accommodation. Your road-book will have a map of the whole area where you will be riding and itinerary details for each day. You will find road indications and valuable information for the options we think worth considering between your daily departure/arrival locations.

Supported Road Tours
Our guide should always be on hand in case anyone wants a lift. We make sure that your bike is ready to go, and that your luggage is shuttled ahead each day. You explore the country at your own pace, and there is all the time in the world to stop or to make your own detour. We stay in comfortable hotels, cottages and guesthouses, and suggest the best places for lunch and dinner each day. Our recommended routes are about 50kms (30 miles) a day and there are always longer options for keen cyclists.

Family Tours
It is never too early (or late) to start enjoying the great outdoors. If you want to bring your children (or your parents!) on a guided tour set up for families we are offering a tour that might be of interest to you. Some our tours have been designed with families in mind, usually you will cover less mileage than our traditional routes so you can take more time to visit local attractions. The Alentejo in particular offers a maze of quiet, relatively flat country roads, making this tour perfect for the younger traveler.

For a thorogh desciptions of the Tours click here.

Mountain Biking Tours
Mountain bike groups are never bigger than 1 Guide to 12 participants, for safety reasons groups will remain together at all times. It may be possible to have 2 groups with different levels of ability, meaning you can choose between more demanding, and a leisurely pace.

All mountain bike tours are guided, although our group leaders will be happy to help you brush up on your orienteering techniques. Group members may, if they wish, take turns at "navigating" the group.

Bike and Equipment Rentals - No need to join a tour!
If you would like to go self-guided we can rent, at competitive rates, quality bikes, helmets, handlebar bags, panniers, and lights. We also have child seats so you can take your kids with you, either in our bike or yours. Click here for more info on bike rentals only .

Custom Tours
We are presenting you a selection of the more appealing tours and itineraries, so you can have an idea of our rates and conditions. Please note that these tours are only some of our range of possibilities: we will be happy to make a program specially suited to your (and your group) own wishes and requirements (dates, locations, group size).

Support Vehicle
Our back-up vehicle, a 4x4 with a trailer for the bikes, has plenty room for baggage and equipment - not to mention tired bikers! When required, it can rendezvous at pre-arranged locations along the route, according to possibilities and needs. Where necessary it can meet up with bikers at any point on the route.

When to come
If you would like to organize a tour with us, we consider the best seasons for cycling to be spring (February to June) and autumn (September to November). It is slightly cooler at these times of year. Spring is an especially colorful season, with the plains covered with all kinds of wild flowers, while autumn is harvest season for the local vineyards! If you would like to ride with sun shining on cool days, then Southern Iberia with its mild winters is The place for it!