The Rides

bikeIberia provides you with a unique opportunity where you can experience the best of Iberia. Our local and experienced guides will enable you to see the essence of Portugal and Spain by road or by trail. For those just wanting a shorter trip, we offer the 'Iberian Samplers" -- road and off-road rides of 1 to 2days.  For those wanting the full experience, we recommend our "Iberian Adventures" -- trips greater than 3 days.

Road touring routes use low-traffic country roads with good tarmac wherever possible. For Mountain Biking, we tend to use farmland, and double-track trails through forests. Some trails do use medieval cobblestonned tracks, especially when accessing castles on hilltops. Single tracks are common in the mountainous areas.

The advanced biker will always find challenges along the way. We select routes according to landscape and points of historical interest. We never use same way out and back -- our routes are always either a loop or one-way. Because we are Iberians and we know the area so well, it is ALWAYS possible to adjust routes according to each group's level of experience, and participants will always have the final word when choosing the level of technical challenge.

We all know what we can ride and still get back home: length, type of terrain, and trail surface. This experience is invaluable when understanding our rating system. Try to compare our descriptions with your own experience, as we rate our routes based on the experiences of our previous participant's comments and performance.

Ratings are always very subjective, but we hope by providing a short description of the route and an easy to difficult rating, you will be able to decide which ride will be best for you.

Note: Please remember that we'll never force you to ride, and BikeIberia's Support Vehicle will always be there if you need them.


Road Rides

Iberian Samplers - 1 to 2 day rides

Megalithic Ride
An easy to moderate loop ride on backroads through the area of oldest human inhabitation on the Iberian Peninsula. Great opportunity to discover megalithic monuments up to 5000 years old situated in a beautiful countryside.

Évora - 1 Day
Entry-level 1 day ride for those interested in some safe and enjoyable biking while discovering Évora and the Arraiolos area.

Évora - Arraiolos
2 days ride, requiring some road cycling experience, enabling participants to discover amazing archeological sites en route to Arraiolos and Évora.

Évora - Estremoz
Moderate 2 days ride, requiring road cycling experience, enabling participants to discover the Marble Triangle towns and area: Estremoz, Borba and Vila Viçosa!

Évora - Monsaraz
Moderate 2 days ride, requiring cycling experience, enabling participants to discover the medieval fortified village of Monsaraz and River Guadiana valley.

Iberian Adventures - 3+ day rides

The Alentejo Heritage and Wine Route
Discover central Alentejo enchantments! Many interesting heritage sites while discovering the quality wines of Alentejo, all en route! After UNESCO World Heritage town - Évora, you will ride to Megalithic Monuments' sites... finishing in Monsaraz!

Salamanca - The Cherries Path
An incredible journey that spans from Portugal into Spain. Enjoy the richness of the countryside and finish up in beautiful city of Salamanca

Sagres: Southwest Portugal - Coastal Route
This road tour, beginning/ending in the dramatically scenic Sagres/ Aljezur area, offers a unique insight into the unspoiled West Coast of the Algarve region. The Costa Vicentina is a feast for the eyes, a landscape vibrant with natural beauty, so little touched by the passing centuries that it seems barely to have registered human presence at all.

Coastal SW Iberian Route
The SW coast of Portugal and Spain is particularly well preserved and is still being protected by the Nature Reserves of Arrábida, SW Alentejo and the Vicentina coasts. In the low hills the Algarve south coast we still find villages with a well-preserved culture, architecture and heritage, and Ria Formosa reserve. Entering in Spain is the Doñana National Park awaiting us.

Off-Road Rides

Iberian Samplers - 1 to 2 day rides

Amazing easy to moderate ride, 65% off-road, in Portugal's capital city center park, with its incredible views of Lisboa, and amazing technical challenges for those who enjoy venturing on them!

Sintra and Cascais
A moderate - moderate to difficult ride, 65% off-road, with stunning views from Peninha Chapel to Cabo da Roca, westernmost tip of European mainland and Guincho beach. Arrival to Cascais.

The name Arrábida is from Arabic meaning a place of prayer, and the wooded hillsides are indeed a peaceful, secluded retreat. This moderate ride, 75% off-road, has an impressive arrival: 3 miles downhill to a traditional fisherman's/smugglers' beach!

The Castle of Sesimbra
The wild beauty of the woods and thickets of the Arrábida Mountains contrast strongly with the intense blue of the sea. Coastal easy to moderate - moderate ride, 95% off-road, towering sandstone cliffs. Admire Dinosaur's footprints before arriving to Sesimbra an ancient fishermen's town.

Megalithic Ride I
A moderate ride 80% off-road ride through the area of oldest human habitation on the Iberian Peninsula. Great opportunity to discover megalithic monuments up to 5000 years old in a beautiful countryside.

Megalithic Ride II
Easy to moderate 100% off-road ride visiting megalithic monuments and Roman ruins sites hidden in an amazing typical Mediterranean landscape.

Évora to Monsaraz
There have been always trails used by messengers, warriors, farmers, and shepherds and we will follow them between Évora and Monsaraz!

Iberian Adventures - 3+ day rides